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Thursday, December 26, 2013

And so Christmas is done Once Again

The more years you are this earth the more the feeling of "Didn't we just do this yesterday?" Happens more and more frequently.
That is how I felt about Christmas this year.  I enjoyed it but.... didn't we just have Christmas,

This year our little nuclear family stayed home after a couple of years in a row of traveling to Windsor...which I am so glad we did.  2 years ago it was the last time we got to spend time with 2 members of the family and last year it was the last one with Nana and Papa.  It was good to have a quiet one this year.

Even if we had not decided to be home for the holidays we would have had no choice but to stay put anyways.  We were right in the middle of the Southern Ontario Ice Storm of 2013.  Luckily we were only without power for 14 hours.  Some people are still without nearly a week later!

Look at all the trees snapped on our street!  Spring is going to be so barren on our street in 2014. These photos were taken the morning after the storm.

We lost 3 whole trees on our court end.  Looking across the court is depressing!

Our neighbourhood pulled together so amazingly!  Snapped branches and trees were dealt with by a group of 14 to 15 men.  With 2 chainsaws and manpower all dangers were taken care of.  Branches removed, trees taken down, and every thing stacked at the side of the road.  It looks like we are in the middle of a lumber camp!  Others came out with generators and coffee and snacks.

And so the New Year is around the corner.  Rhea is having her 22 birthday on New Years Eve.  Again...wasn't she just born?

Look at my amazing children!  Children no more!

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