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Sunday, July 17, 2011


I have wanted to design lace for a long time.

The problem is that I am not a person who naturally adheres to repetitions. My mind starts to wander after repeating something a few times. I start planning modifications to the plan. Re planning the plan . Then adding more change to the plan. In the end I may have something that is really wonderful but completely impossible to reproduce or to document.

This is not a bad thing if I am making a custom or art piece. I want my custom pieces to be unique.

It is not a bad trait to have in life most of the time...except I cannot get down the routine of taking medications. Yup....pills are often forgotten. Thankfully missing them is not lethal! I'd better figure this out before I get much older I think!

Back to not yet...If you have read my blogs before you are aware that I tend to ramble. This propensity for rambling I attribute to the lack of a strong planning gene. I start off in one direction and that reminds me of something else ...and so on. Please forgive me.

Now..Back to lace.

So I am not a real fan of knitting lace. Not because it is difficult but because in general I do not stick to a pattern. In most items I am adding my own touches changing the basic shape etc....but with lace a huge mess can be created. There is no taking another person's hard work and randomly altering the pattern...The result is never ever ever my knowledge anyways.

Time for picture.....
So...The lace designing started with the above shawlette that Tara wanted me to make for her. (Really simple. Basic neck down triangle with a spine. Using Berroco Origami and Cascade Ultra Pima). Once at the end bit I wanted to add a bit of fancy so just made up this 6 row, 6 stitch lace pattern. And, I liked it. So ideas for an all over design started forming.

Enter blue Pima. What you see in the photo is the result after about 5 or 6 times of going into the frog pond. I like it now. I like that it is a repeat design that does not look like a repeat design at first. I has to be looked at carefully to see the flow. To me it looks like the ripples wind makes on the surface of water. I was able to hide the center spine as well which adds to the all over flow.

So now the issue is... I have to finish the sample.

I know the design will work for someone who has a modicum of desire to stick to the plan and the ability to focus for long periods of time.
But I have to finish the first draft. I keep wanting to add changes and then getting unfocussed and forgetting where I am in the pattern that I have written.

Have I mentioned I am not a fan of knitting lace. I will get better at designing lace but I want my own personal knitter who will understand how my brain works and love following a plan. A very repetitious plan.

Isn't this the prettiest repetition of eggs?

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