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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


"Bioremediation is the degradation, decomposition, or stabilization of pollutants by microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and cyanobacteria. ...... The microorganisms feed on and eliminate the pollutants. When the pollutants are gone, the organisms die."
This idea of nature taking care of itself after an oil spill is part of what I was thinking about when I was working on my latest knit tree.
I had started the tree shortly before the gulf spill and became obsessed about the damage it would be doing to our world.
Why have we not made an alternate less volatile form of energy more accessible? How can we keep drilling into the earth and extracting oil and expect the world to stay healthy?
This doomsday thinking started to turn to thoughts that maybe the Earth has a way of adapting.
That possibly nature will mutate and adjust to the new environment it is in. That possibly our messing with the natural recovery systems that may be in place to deal with our human mess will only cause more harm. (and around the brain spins!)
And...then...from this new environment will a new beauty evolve? A beauty very different from what we have now.
How will trees survive? What will this new beauty look like?

This is the end result of that brain spinning.

It just got accepted into juried show at The Station Gallery in Whitby Ontario.

My thinking continues...

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