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Friday, October 08, 2010

Creativity Procrastinated

I sit here today in the shop wanting to be creative.

It is hard to be creative when the shop is open. People tend to interrupt just as creativity starts to flow. I do welcome them though.

I, like other creative people, have doubts about my creativity and sometimes distractions are easier than the pushing through of ideas into a concrete form.

The extraction and mutation of thoughts and technique to tell a story that exists only in a murky world between worlds is sometimes tortuous.

It is the fear that the end result will not be understood or disliked that is the cause of much of my creative procrastination. This is probably true for all creative people.

I am noticing that I am avoiding the word "artist". I still feel like I have not "become" an artist. But, what is the definition of artist? Is it merely someone who creates or is it a thing one becomes once pieces are shown in galleries etc?

Oh...Look...I have pulled ideas from my brain and put them on paper.

I have been creative.

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Kim said...

Artist; a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination. I think it's official, you are and Artist!