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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Digging Spring!

It is a beautiful Sunday today. Almost like Spring! Wait! It is Spring. I got out to do some raking and to keep Kessie from digging up the garden...

So many branches from the tree snapped off over the winter. Kessie now has a nice pile to drag around the backyard should she desire.

This week at the store was a good one. I got most of my orders in so I now have various shades of Hempathy and Bonsai. I just got Svale in an off white but it is a good summer top colour.

I picked up a few books at the library on Monday evening on knitting. I am loving Folk Bags and I am planning a Saturday class with lunch to make the Camel bag or the Carpet Bag.

I am still working on Bob Blankie from Mission Falls, Peony bag from Interweave Magazine, a basic sock in Tofutsies and I have started the Camel Bag from the Folk Bags book. Now, my friends that is only the knitting I am doing at the store! At home I am getting close to finishing my sweater, looking at the Swallow Tail Shawl and thinking about the Rowan poncho I started last summer. Do you think that 7 WIP's is enough? Probably not! ...because I just remembered I am also knitting a Rowan sweater for an order! Anybody think that 8 is enough? (wasn't that a title for a movie?) ...ACHH! I just remembere another WIP! Cotton Patagonia Poncho using a Knitty pattern! Can I stop at 9? Should I start something else to make it an even 10? Please stop me!!

Svale scarf is done.

Now it is time to go back outside!


Jae said...

I'd say that's plenty of projects!!

Cathy said...

Kessie looks very happy in the yard! Having tons of projects on the needles goes one of two ways with me... I'm either happier than a pig in mud or I'm stressed. I hope it makes you happy.

Dorothy said...

Kessie looks like she is waiting for her digging orders.

Start another project. Keep things on an even keel.